WorldbuildingWizard logo breakdown of elements

Developing a Logo

In this behind the scenes post I’ll be showing you the methods I used for developing a logo, from the initial sketches to the final outcome!

When I set up my social media profiles all over the place, it felt so bare and empty without a nice avatar – so I quickly threw together the very first idea that came to mind: a world, with the shape of a W on it, and some text underneath (with a magic sparkle).

It made a great placeholder while I set everything up, but after a few days of looking at it, I knew that deep down it wasn’t a very original idea.

I was unhappy with the lack of effort and meaning behind it all, so I decided to sit down properly and have a good think about how I wanted the logo to look and what connotations it should convey.

Exploring shapes

I knew that I wanted three key ideas to be reflected in my logo:

  • creativity (to convey what I do)
  • something wizard-y (to relate to the name)
  • the letter W (for quick recognition)

I got out my trusty notebook (which you can see more of on my Instagram) and started to scribble down ideas, making sure to explore ALL posibilities, even if I knew they were going to be bad.

Why draw the bad designs if you know they’ll suck?

I’ve found that even by exploring bad ideas, you can get sparks of inspiration that will lead to better concepts. Even if that isn’t the case, at least that’s one more concept ruled out until you find the best solution!

When developing my concept, I wanted to make sure that the design would fit well inside of a square (or circle) as this means that it will scale well, be social media friendly and will be adaptable to wherever I need to use it (from a simple avatar, to a watermark or even a sticker).

I started by playing with W shapes, joining them together in different ways, seeing which ones were legible and which looked too much like a bunch of zig zags. Two W’s stacked on top of each other looked like the WWE logo, but instead of ignoring that idea I pushed it further by combining different W shapes on top of one another. I tried rounded, squared and angular versions, and then saw that having a slab W on top of a normal one made it look like two pencils – something clicked and I took the idea further.

I combined this with one of my earlier ideas, which was to use the negative space of the bottom part of the W to be a pointy wizard’s hat.

I am much happier with this design, and it will be a nice contrast to the colourful work that I create in the new year!

WorldbuildingWizard logo

Which part of this process did you find most useful? Let me know in the comments, send me a Tweet or use the contact form!

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