Learning about D&D5e

I’m a worldbuilder. So far, I’ve made imaginary worlds as a hobby for my own enjoyment, which later evolved into projects where I could showcase my creativity, but after getting involved with extended communities online I came to realise that worldbuilding and TTRPGs have a great deal in common. I’m new to this topic, but after being sucked in and completely enthralled by Critical Role, I wanted to learn more about Dungeons & Dragons.

I had already been a subscriber of Guy, The Great GM on YouTube for a while as his videos are fantastic when approaching different topics in worldbuilding, but recently he released a public challenge: create a campaign from scratch, step by step.

This video came at the perfect time as I have just created the very beginning of my new world, Orubia (check out my previous post to see how I went about planning a new world)!

I’ll be following along with Guy’s video tutorials and seeing where this worldbuilding adventure will take me! I set up this new world with a goal to learn D&D5e, and have a playable setting by the end of the year.

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