Building a Mage Tower

My latest flurry of worldbuilding was inspired by World Anvil’s challenge called Tower of Power (check it out here)! This blog post shows my method for tackling creative challenges head on, I hope these tips come in handy!

Here is the article I submitted for the challenge: Tower of Okello

I have found that in previous challenges, I became stuck when confronted with a blank page, and I never knew where to start! Here’s what I learnt about getting around that:

Step 1: Break the challenge down into chunks

Looking over the criteria, I could see that it had already broken it down into four key areas to cover. So I broke those down even further and just scribbled some ideas in my notebook. I started with WHERE the tower was going to be, (a jungle) which lead me to WHY was it there? (because the mage was outcast from his society).

Step 2: Answer them in any order

As soon as I got stuck on a section, I moved on to the next part. I found that keeping the ball rolling often lead me to discover the right answers for the previous sections, and it all started to slot together like pieces of a puzzle.

Step 3: Organize the thoughts

One page full of scribbled notes later and now I’m confronted with a new, digital blank page: my World Anvil article. So I decided to set up the layout of my article using BBCode (there’s a handy guide on the World Anvil Codex right here if you need some tips). I used the topics from the brief to help me in my layout:

These paragraphs came from the brief notes I took earlier, I just put them in the right order and fleshed them out a little so they made sense!

Step 4: Finishing touches

I did a quick photobash during my lunch break using Photoshop and images found on Unsplash for the background and birds, and Photobash for the building elements. I’ve linked them so you can have a go, too!

The last step was to publish the article on World Anvil and submit my entry to the challenge via the website! I really enjoy taking part in worldbuilding challenges as they push my creativity further (and give me that competitive motivation that keeps me on my toes)!

You can check out my entry here: Tower of Okello

Let me know if you found these tips helpful! If you get stuck on something that I’ve not covered, let me know in the comments or send me a message on Twitter @WorldbuildingW

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