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Welcome to the first ever post on Worldbuilding Workstations! I reached out to the worldbuilding community on Twitter and asked folks to send in their #WorldbuildingWorkstation!

I’ve always been intrigued to see how other people work and what they find comfy, so let’s go and explore the worldbuilders, their workstations and their worlds!

Hummingbird’s Worldbuilding Workstation

YesHummingbird's Worldbuilding Workstation

The first feature I received was from @yeshummingbird on Twitter! I am always being inspired by Hummingbird’s worldbuilding, so it’s great to see such a cosy environment for making worlds! It does not surprise me in the slightest to see so many books within grabbing distance, and my eyes are drawn to the curious ornaments around the room. Hummingbird makes great use of the room by using the TV monitor as a large screen (with wireless keyboard & mouse set up).

Inspiration score: 8/10

Cosiness score: 10/10

Welcome to my hellscape. Efficient? No. Enjoy working here? No. But is it convenient? Abso-frikin-lutely! You’ve got your hydration station, all your references, the best pens, first aid, & cuddles all an arm’s reach… Now if only I could get rid of the boxes!

Explore the world of Cicadea Cycle

Cicadea Cycle

Cicadea Cycle is more than a nebulously defined dichotomy written in grey ink & sung with honeyed words. It is a story- one which resonates within the very core of Humanity; a story of survival & finding one’s place among the stars.

I love the themes that are being explored in Cicadea Cycle, and it’s refreshing to explore such a different setting! I am particularly enjoying reading through the meta/author’s notes in this world, and look forward to seeing it evolve, develop and emerge.

Explore the world of Cicadea Cycle

Worldbuilding Wizard’s Worldbuilding Workstation

Worldbuilding Wizard's Worldbuilding Workstation

That’s a lot of W’s in the heading! Well, here is my #WorldbuildingWorkstation! I like to call this aesthetic “tidy clutter”. I can’t have a pristine desk, I have to have lots of trinkets and resources in grabbing distance! I’m not sure if I can judge my own workstation, so you can judge it in the comments!

I’ve got a mini-bookcase on my desk that holds titles that are super inspiring for my current project, I’ve got a few worldbuilding tools dotted around too like the Collaborative Worldbuilding Cards that I reviewed earlier this year! The Lego Dinosaur behind my monitor is basically Janet from World Anvil – a visual reminder to GO WORLDBUILD! Spotify is playing a mix of grime, hip hop and lo-fi beats.

Explore the world of Melior


Melior is a dark science fantasy world set in 19th century Bradstowe, capital city of The Isles of Orlend and home to the religion of The Divine Order. The name Melior is derived from the word ameliorate, which means to make or become better. It’s a core theme of this setting, but also a personal goal of mine to make this the last world that I make. I am creating this world (along with all the art and lore) as a portfolio piece that explores the contrast of chaos and order, and I will be launching a crowdfunding campaign as the setting fills out to create an art book of the world.

Explore the world of Melior

RinRinWrote’s Worldbuilding Workstation

rinrinwrote workstation

Next in is our featured workstation from @RinRinWrote on Twitter, who has a lovely long desk and lots of storage for worldbuilding inspiration!

Tidiness score: 9/10

Cosiness score: 8/10

It’s the best workstation for me because it has room for; cats, dragons, wolves, my dice, my drawing pens, and many other inspiring things. It also has room for drawing and lazying around on the computer. It is also very close to the bed! I can also look out on the real world if I have to.

I mean, can you get more ideal than this? (See cute cat in photo, one of many).

Explore the world of Nolddyn (Coming Soon!)

Nolddyn is inhabited by Homo sapiens sapiens, though, they are not entirely like us. The races are humans, elves, nords, and fauns. Now in modern days they live spread across the three continents. What happened to the forth continent none of them remembers…

This elevator pitch has got me hooked. I can’t wait to explore the world of Nolddyn when it goes public! In the meantime, follow @RinRinWrote on Twitter for updates!

PatheticBarrel’s Worldbuilding Workstation

This is by far the most inspiring worldbuilding workstation around. Not for it’s showiness. Not for it’s aesthetics – for the dedication to the craft. It just goes to show that you can worldbuild anywhere using anything! I am super inspired by @PatheticBarrel‘s use of a mobile platform for worldbuilding – don’t let the phone fool you, PB’s work is jam packed full of inspiration!

Portability rating: 10/10

Inspiration rating: 9/10

This is PatheticAdventure, my trusty LG V30. I’m always on the go and find that inspiration can strike anywhere. Especially when waiting for the end of the work day. Has a Pop Socket for added comfort while working, or watching YouTube in landscape.

Explore the world of The Celestial Seas

It is the age of prophecy. The world is between calamities. There is peace, but none know for how long. There is war, and none can see its end.

Where will you be when the last star falls?

Explore the world of The Celestial Seas

Ademal’s Worldbuilding Workstation

ethnis workstation

I’ve been eager to get a look behind the scenes of Ethnis HQ, and @Ademalian revealed their top secret lair (I think I have monitor envy)! The Ethnis workstation is super efficient, and I love the huge whiteboard for exploring worldbuilding ideas and having a quick glance at project goals from a distance. Remarkable!

I am also a fan of the cosy couch and Nintendo Switch being so close. Work hard. Play hard.

Fun rating: 9/10

Inspiration rating: 7/10

My workstation dual-boots Windows and Linux and has all my streamer and gaming stuff. The Surface allows me to access windows stuff while on Linux on main, and is my Ethnis workstation to-go. The other laptop is for my dayjob. Whiteboard. Couch. Gaming. I’m set.

Explore the world of Ethnis

Ethnis homepage

Ethnis is a massive Science-Fantasy setting, a backdrop for stories and #ttrpg games. With 7 megafactions, 20+ sophont species, thousands of worlds, magic, and tens of thousands of years of history, there’s no shortage for you to read and play in!

Keep an eye on updates from Ethnis, they are due to release the ‘light’ version of the RPG very soon and I can’t wait to read it!

Explore the world of Ethnis

Redclaw’s Worldbuilding Workstation

@Redclaw has been such an inspiring part of the worldbuilding community and I am thrilled to feature him on the blog! He has a clean and sturdy worldbuilding workstation (the only time my desk has been this clean was when it was new!), I love this distraction-free approach!

Cleanliness rating: 9/10

Practicality rating: 8/10

Behold my venerable workstation! It’s over a decade old by now and I’ve been using this ever since I was like 3 or 4. What I most like about it is it’s large area which allows me to do a lot of stuff at once and the small drawer underneath allows me to store my worldbuilding notes so that anytime I’m deprived of inspiration, looking at them makes me inspired again!

Explore the world of Cadmeia

In 3000, mankind, Alongside other alien races is fighting a desperate battle against the dark god Kerr, imprisoned before reality itself existed. In a futile attempt to save their race, a legendary group of warriors venture forth across the universe for the artifacts of the ancients, an enigmatic and mysterious race of aliens that disappeared long ago. On this journey, they will encounter everything. Love, hope, despair, violent deaths, victory and the desperate struggle against evil and the breaker for a world of peace and happiness

Explore the world of Cadmeia

Mihkel’s Worldbuilding Workstation

Oh my goodness that chair looks so comfy…. What a neat worldbuilding workstation! @RandMihkel is the master of productivity with this setup, and even has some healthy fruit snacks, too!

Productivity rating: 10/10

Inspiration rating: 8/10

This is my trusty (and horribly dusty) workstation. It’s excellent for worldbuilding because one of the three monitors allows me to keep myself distracted with Discord while I try to write and the third monitor is for research and notes.

Explore the world of Lethea

Lethea is a science fantasy setting set in a world of knights, castles and reasonable magic where scavengers find technological wonders among the bones of long lost ancient civilisations. Currently, the world serves as a backdrop for a novel that is still in the works. You can begin learning more about the world, the battle system and the book by looking at the articles below this text.

Explore the world of Lethea

That sums up the first ever blog post on worldbuilding workstations! If you would like to be featured in a future blog post, upload your photo on Instagram / Twitter and use #WorldbuildingWorkstation!

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