Hello! I’m a Worldbuilding Wizard! Well, aspiring wizard is more the case.

I’m actually a young chap from Bristol on an epic quest of knowledge to become an amazing worldbuilder! I’ve got a great foundation of skills to build upon, and I’m eager to explore new techniques.

But what’s a wizard without his grand library of tomes, journals and spells? Not to worry! Throughout my creative endeavours I’ll be sharing my techniques and tips in my Creative Journal, and I’ll jot down any Resources that I’ve discovered (or created) for you as well!

What is worldbuilding?

Worldbuilding is the creative process of building a fictional world from scratch. It’s about creating settings where things take place, such as books, films, comics and games. It can be done at a professional level (like environment designers and published authors do) or it can be a really fun hobby!

If you want a cool place to get started, search for some videos or check out the /r/worldbuilding community on Reddit. If you’re ready to build your own world, head over to World Anvil and get building!

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