What I learned from failing #The100DayProject

I failed to complete #The100DayProject. It was a simple, self initiated project that started here: https://www.the100dayproject.org/, where you pick your topic or activity and do that thing every single day for 100 days, starting on April 2nd (because if you start the day before then the internet thinks it’s a prank). I forget who retweeted […]

Photobashing a landscape

This post continues on from the previous tutorial: How to make a 3D heightmap in Photoshop and I will be using that outcome as a starting point for this landscape! It’s not required as a starting point, you can easily play around with photobashing a landscape using a quick sketch or just an existing stock […]

How to make a 3D heightmap in Photoshop

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to make a 3D heightmap in Photoshop CC! This is more of an advanced level tutorial, so I will be skimming over basic instructions and cracking on with the core details. Height Map What is a height map? A height map is a black and white […]

Coffee Planet

In this post I’ll be showing you how to take a wasted cup of coffee and turn it into a coffee planet in Photoshop! Have you ever been working away on a project and lost track of time? You go to grab your cup of coffee and – oh. Oh no. You’ve let it go […]

Breaking down the challenge

Have you ever gone to take part in an exciting new challenge on World Anvil and got stumped by ideas? It’s that curse of an empty page (or article, in this case) that seems to stop the ideas from flowing, so in this blog post I’ll be sharing my method of breaking down the challenge […]

4 quick tips for setting up a new world on World Anvil

In this blog post I’m going to show you my best 4 quick tips for setting up a new world on World Anvil. It’s super easy, and super fun! Here’s what I’ll be covering: Basic configuration and set up Speedy category & timeline structure How to effectively use placeholder images & articles Making an engaging […]

Mapmaking and Toponymy

This week I have worked on a map for my new world, Melior. It isn’t a world map, but a smaller region (this helps to keep my worldbuilding a little bit more under control and to keep a point of focus). In this post I’ll show you how I made it, and the steps and […]

Building a Mage Tower

My latest flurry of worldbuilding was inspired by World Anvil’s challenge called Tower of Power (check it out here)! This blog post shows my method for tackling creative challenges head on, I hope these tips come in handy! Here is the article I submitted for the challenge: Tower of Okello I have found that in […]

Developing a Logo

In this behind the scenes post I’ll be showing you the methods I used for developing a logo, from the initial sketches to the final outcome! WorldbuildingWizardHello! I’m a Worldbuilding Wizard from Bristol on an epic quest of knowledge! Join me on my creative journey as I create epic stuff (and weird things). Did you […]

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