What is worldbuilding?

What is worldbuilding? Worldbuilding is the process of creating an imaginary world (or fictional setting) from scratch. A world can be as detailed or simple as you want it to be! This fun and engaging process can be done using any materials or techniques you like: from simple pen & paper, to digital software, 3D […]

Create your own fantasy coin in Photoshop

In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to turn designs and photos into shiny coins for your world! I’ll be using a combination of textures, shapes, text and this neat lookin’ lizard from Pixabay to make this awesome coin! Start up a new document and use the Elipse Tool (U) whilst holding shift to […]

Coffee Planet

In this post I’ll be showing you how to take a wasted cup of coffee and turn it into a coffee planet in Photoshop! Have you ever been working away on a project and lost track of time? You go to grab your cup of coffee and – oh. Oh no. You’ve let it go […]

How to start a new world

In this post I’ll be talking through some different ideas to help inspire you when starting a new world. There are many methods of worldbuilding, so use whichever techniques work best for you – after all, it’s your world, you can build it how you like! Where to start? It can be a bit mind-boggling […]

How to find images for your world

In this guide I’ll be showing you how and where to find free images to use within your world, scroll to the bottom for a list of handy resources! We all know a picture says a thousand words, so having images to illustrate your worldbuilding can be a fantastic way of visually engaging your readers. […]

Worldbuilding Cards

I recently got my hands on some worldbuilding cards from Trent Hergenrader and have been using them this week to build a solid foundation for my world. I think these cards are flippin’ amazing, this is not a sponsored blog post but I am going to spam links to buy these beauties all over the […]

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