Learning about D&D5e

I’m a worldbuilder. So far, I’ve made imaginary worlds as a hobby for my own enjoyment, which later evolved into projects where I could showcase my creativity, but after getting involved with extended communities online I came to realise that worldbuilding and TTRPGs have a great deal in common. I’m new to this topic, but […]

5 steps to fight worldbuilding fatigue

It’s the new year! Time to Get Shit Done™ and have the most productive start ever! … Right?Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m completely burnt out from over-doing the creative challenges in the last few months of the year (Inktober, NaNoWriMo and WorldEmber to name a few). I threw myself in the deep […]

Planning A New World

New year, new projects! I wanted to start planning a new world from scratch so that I can explore a different genre and learn some new worldbuilding techniques. These are the steps I took when preparing my new African Fantasy world, Orubia. WorldbuildingWizardHello! I’m a Worldbuilding Wizard from Bristol on an epic quest of knowledge! […]

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