4 quick tips for setting up a new world on World Anvil

In this blog post I’m going to show you my best 4 quick tips for setting up a new world on World Anvil. It’s super easy, and super fun! Here’s what I’ll be covering: Basic configuration and set up Speedy category & timeline structure How to effectively use placeholder images & articles Making an engaging […]

Worldbuilding Cards

I recently got my hands on some worldbuilding cards from Trent Hergenrader and have been using them this week to build a solid foundation for my world. I think these cards are flippin’ amazing, this is not a sponsored blog post but I am going to spam links to buy these beauties all over the […]

Mapmaking and Toponymy

This week I have worked on a map for my new world, Melior. It isn’t a world map, but a smaller region (this helps to keep my worldbuilding a little bit more under control and to keep a point of focus). In this post I’ll show you how I made it, and the steps and […]

Building a Mage Tower

My latest flurry of worldbuilding was inspired by World Anvil’s challenge called Tower of Power (check it out here)! This blog post shows my method for tackling creative challenges head on, I hope these tips come in handy! Here is the article I submitted for the challenge: Tower of Okello I have found that in […]

How I got the ball rolling

Work has been really busy lately, with lots of little design projects to polish off and drag to the done pile on Trello – but recently I’ve been working on some larger projects that have taken up all of my concentration. I found that, in my free time, all I wanted to do was kick […]

Learning about D&D5e

I’m a worldbuilder. So far, I’ve made imaginary worlds as a hobby for my own enjoyment, which later evolved into projects where I could showcase my creativity, but after getting involved with extended communities online I came to realise that worldbuilding and TTRPGs have a great deal in common. I’m new to this topic, but […]

5 steps to fight worldbuilding fatigue

It’s the new year! Time to Get Shit Doneā„¢ and have the most productive start ever! … Right?Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m completely burnt out from over-doing the creative challenges in the last few months of the year (Inktober, NaNoWriMo and WorldEmber to name a few). I threw myself in the deep […]

Planning A New World

New year, new projects! I wanted to start planning a new world from scratch so that I can explore a different genre and learn some new worldbuilding techniques. These are the steps I took when preparing my new African Fantasy world, Orubia.

Developing a Logo

In this behind the scenes post I’ll be showing you the methods I used for developing a logo, from the initial sketches to the final outcome!

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